fmax reefer truck

Reefer Trucks

Type of Construction

Heavy structure with Pre Fabricated Sandwich Panels on all sides fit together by reinforcement.

Wall Thickness

Insulated wall thickness 80mm (Small Vehicle), 100mm (Mini Truck) & 125mm (Heavy Loading Truck)

Surface Material

Outside Pre coated GI sheet Skin Thickness 0.8 mm or S.S. grade 304, Thickness 0.5mm Inside Pre coated GI sheet Skin Thickness 0.8mm or S.S. grade 304, Thickness 0.5 mm.

Type of Floor

We are providing outside Pre coated GI sheet of Thickness 0.8mm & Inside 9mm or 19mm Marine Ply with FRP layer for water proof & top material as per below details

  • Aluminium ‘T’ profile for easy moving & air rotation at bottom.
  • Aluminium Checkered Plate.
  • Aluminium Corrugated Profile


Single loft Door for Small Vehicle & Double Loft Door for Mini and Heavy Loading Truck

Door & Window

Single & Double loft (fully open) insulated doors, hatch door (Window) & side door fitted with double gasket with heavy door locking mechanisms for special transport segment. Drop “T” handles gear, Rear door hinges, Rear door hinges bracket, Seals Rubber Gasket

Door Curtain  

 As per customer requirement we provide you PVC Door curtain. As per your door size


Base Frame Between 

container & body chassis, it is design on M.S. profile with laser cut aesthetic look & M.S. pipe frame will be complete with U bolts & Fasteners.


Ladder for UP and DOWN on Container 

Useful for up down on container & easy services for refrigeration unit for large truck. Totally strong & welding with container


GRP stands for “glass-fibre reinforced plastic”, a high grade composite material, consisting of polyester resin reinforced with glass fibre matting.

GRP is highly suitable for refrigerated containers with higher stability, low weight and for exceptional resistance to Corrosion.


  • GRP Container are extremely robust due to their permanent stability and absolute resistance to corrosion
  • Long-term weather resistance enables many years of outdoor use
  • Low weight is particularly advantageous for refrigeration transportation
  • With low payload and low operating cost
  • Smooth interior and exterior surfaces make GRP Container Easy to clean
  • GRP panels are UV resistant
  • GRP Panels are resistance to chemical and Fire

F-Max – Eutectic Mobile Container is designed for multi deliveries of Ice cream, Frozen Foods, Bakery Products and Fruits & Vegetables distribution.

  • Assured refrigeration performance with total reliability
  • Super fast temperature pull down up to -24°C
  • Suitable for multiple deliveries and door openings
  • Unique Eutectic Plate design offers maximum Heat Transfer surface area
  • Non-toxic PCM filled in sealed pack – which will not leak

F-Max -Eutectic System are designed to operate in vehicles that have been suitably insulated for fresh or frozen produce transportation. The Eutectic Plates are mounted inside a chamber which is separate from the main load system. The product inside the storage compartment is cooled on required temperature either for Frozen Application (-24°C) or Chilled Application (+2°C to 8°C) by the PCM pads. The connected power supply to charge should be 3 phases or 1 phase.

Technical Specification

Insulation Thickness:

For Frozen Application: 100 mm + 25 mm (Eutectic Plate)

For Chilled Application: 80 / 100 mm + 25 mm (Eutectic Plate)

Refrigeration System:  

Air Cooled With Electric Support

Compressor Type: 

Semi sealed / Scroll compressor

Unit Running Time:

For Frozen Application: 10 to 12 Hr.

For Chilled Application: 4 to 5 Hr.


For Frozen Application: -24°C after charging & -12°C after 12   To 14 Hr.

For Chilled Application: 0°C after charging & +4°C after 4 to 5 Hr.

Back up time:

For Frozen Application: 12 to 14 Hr.

For Chilled Application: 4 to 5 Hr.ICE MAKE

reefer truck
reefer truck
reefer truck
reefer truck
reefer truck

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