banana ripening chamber

Ripening Chambers

F-max ensures each ripening Chamber bottom up to maintain the precise conditions required by each specific application. Factors such as humidity, temperature, ventilation and specific gas emission levels within each ripening chamber are tuned to optimum levels depending on the requirements.

Manual system with ethylene sensors

Ripening can be processed using Ethylene gas cylinder or can in cold rooms. We offer gas analysers which can be taken inside the room to verify the concentration of ethylene when the gas is dosed inside. On dosing, the analyser value of Ethylene is measured and the gas consumption is modulated accordingly. The Ethylene measuring machine is 100% durable and reliable. The gas cylinder comes with a special gas releasing apparatus which indicates users the standard amount of gas required for ripening. The gas emitted is enough to trigger the ripening process provided, the room is not opened for 16 Hours.


Ethylene generators

F-max’s range of ethylene generators are ideal for ripening where, the process is sequential rather than simultaneous. They administer a constant and controlled supply of ethylene into the ripening chamber by converting a specially formulated ripening mixture with ethylene.

Absolutely automated rooms

Ripening is performed completely by automatic ripening system which is also termed as centralized ripening system consisting of

  • Gas Cylinder bank
  • Centralized ripening controllers with analyser

It controls the entire ripening cycle in 4 days with interventions of users unrequited. Controller can activate the ripening cycle by means of a switch that starts the ripening cycle. Ethylene dosed in the room can be set by the user from 16 to 24hrs. The ultimate goal of a customer is attained when the produce ripens and is released in batches consistently and uniformly ripened, controlled by the ripening parameters.


  • Portable – Can be easily shifted from one chamber to another.
  • Simple and fast – Just pour in Ethanol and ethylene is produced.
  • Safe – No crisis of explosion, as long as the instructions given are followed.
ripening chamber
ripening chamber

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