Did you know that modern age Commercial heat pump water heaters are the ultimate go-to solution providers of hot water supply to all the hotels, Hospitals, Restaurants, spas etc. Here’s why!

Because the diverse advantages of using these water heaters and hot water storage solutions are high efficiency, constant hot water, and utility. With the best-in-class heat pump and hassle-free environmental protection with a low maintenance cost, one can select the heaters without any second thought.

The heat pump water heater utilizes ambient air as the heating source. The air is essential to obtain heat at low-temperature refrigerant. It releases high-temperature heat as a result the compressor raises the temperature. The temperature heat helps in heating up the water.

  1. The utility aspect– One can use the pump if there is electricity. The modern heat pump can continuously generate heat from the air and retain it. Thus, it ensures all-day water heating. The system is unaffected by cloudy and rainy weather. Renewable energy gets consumed without wastage and carbide emissions. It is convenient for hotels to pass the inspection process conducted by environmental protection departments. The hotel water could be heated by the heat pump units to meet the demands of the bathing water of thousands of people 24x 7.
  1. High-efficiency with heat pumps– The water heating ease of the Heat Pump Water Heater for Hotel owners makes the solution ideal for all! Heat pumps systems operate continuously and help upgrade the heat from a low to a high-temperature level. The heat output from the pump is 3-4 times larger than the electricity input. Thus, it is an efficient process for heat generation.

Thermal energy storage is directly linked with energy efficiency. One needs to amplify the storage capacity to avoid wasting energy. It can help reduce the load, which is essential for the hotel and hospitality industry. It is a relevant aspect because one needs a large amount of hot water in hotels. Most guests at the hotel prefer to shower at specific times. The maximum water consumption happens usually in the morning and evenings. The need for hot water supply at hotels is maximum from 6 to 8 a.m. and from 7 to 9 p.m.

One can find the best solution for hot water storage during off-peak hours with these Heat Pump Water Heater For Hotel. It also provides a “buffer” span to meet the demand during peak hours. This way, the hotels can reduce the peak power tariffs and control the operational costs for operating thermal systems. In the long run, hot water storage reduces the overall cost and increases operational stability with a consistent supply of hot water. These Heat pump water heaters use ¼ of the electricity as compared to any other water heater.


Prime Benefits of Installing the Heat Pump Water Heater for Hotel

  1. A safe solution– The new-age heat pumps are designed as per European standards, ensuring optimal operational safety and superior heat conduction.
  2. Consistent performance– The Heat Pump Water Heater for Hotel provides constant hot water regardless of the weather conditions.
  3. Cost-efficient solution– Heat pumps are cost-effective and ensure long energy-saving with optimal operational benefit with only 25% energy consumption as compared to conventional water heaters.
  4. Less energy consumption– Heat pumps can retain the hot water without generating it every time you need the water.
  5. Extensive application– Heat pumps offer a wide range of applications from homes and hotels with swimming pools, restaurants, and others.
  6. Digital controllers– The smart LED digital controllers in the heat pump eases the process of adjusting temperature and time.
  7. Hassle-free installation– Heat pump water heaters are convenient to install across various locations, utility rooms, terraces and balconies.
  8. Reduced maintenance– The modern heat pump water heaters contain air filters that need minimal cleaning and maintenance.

Main advantages of using a heat pump compared to a boiler

• Energy upgrading of buildings
• Energy efficiency and operating cost reductions up to 70%
• Return on investment approximately within 3 years.

Main advantages of using a heat pump compared to a central solar field

• Faster return of investment
• Less space required
• Less need for maintenance
• Smaller volume of hot water storage tanks and hence less space for boiler rooms.
• Specifically designed for heating applications Nominal capacity from 14kW to 105kW
• Energy Class A
• Maximum water temperature 65°C
• Guaranteed operation without the performance reduction nor the temperature of the produced water, for ambient temperatures up to 40°C
• Choice of anti-corrosion protection
• Two-unit factory-installed parallel operation
• Specifically-designed for heating applications
• Nominal capacity from 20kW to 90kW
• COP from 4.19 to 5.49
• Maximum water temperature 65°C